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Impressions – Clicks – Conversions

The Fundamental Formula

The Click Through Rate is the percentage of people who click on your ad when it is displayed along with all the other ads in a search. Just because your ad comes up, doesn’t mean the person is going to click on it, and if they do – that doesn’t guarantee a conversion!

Online marketing all comes down to a single concept: cost vs. conversions. You can’t get a conversion if you don’t get a click, and every click costs money in some way. You have to find ways to stand out from the crowd including ads that speak to the searcher, domain name that catches the eye, and most importantly, a website that radiates credibility.


Another reason to think about your brand:

Online advertising can be a very challenging game. Often success or failure is determined by a single percentage point. Convert 5% of the people that click on your ad and you lose money, convert 7% and those added sales dramatically change the metrics. This is another reason to think about a holistic advertising approach which means creating a quality brand thats homogenous across all mediums.

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