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Are searchers finding you or your competitors?

Buzzwords coming from many online marketing companies like ‘Search Engine Optimization”, “SEO”, and “Pay Per Click” can often create a confusing array of jargon that clouds the obvious; you just want more customers.

Ranking high for competitive keywords that prospects use to find the goods and services you sell is an area that all companies should strive to occupy, but what gets forgotten is the fundamental equation for all advertising:

Impressions -> Click -> Conversion

You can rank right near the top of search results but if no one clicks on your website, then you haven’t accomplished anything. Or even worse, they click on your ad which costs you money, and then they take one look at your website and hit the back button.

Here are a few ways Domainworks can improve your business’ performance in search:

Become the “Top Dog” for your own name

Increase the amount of real estate Google gives you

Appear for searches in Google’s Local Listings

Create an actionable website that can help you drive those prospects into conversions.

Provide a strong domain name that radiates credibility and raises your click through rate.


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